April 14, 2012


'Enchantilly' march hare ~ hand knit & felted

'Mushroom Cap' beanie ~ hand knit, felted & pleated

It's so nice to be able to felt with the doors open and a lovely breeze blowing into my work space. Newly felted hats dry outside in the warm air instead of in front of the fireplace for a change. 

When I start a new wet felting project it means I am committed to that particular project for the hours it takes to complete it. I stay home and work away enjoying every moment of the time it takes.

Since felting is not transportable the way knitting is... and my hands like to be busy most of the time...I always carry a small knitting project with me where ever I go. This includes hats, headbands and lately I have been knitting cuffs and wristlets...with ruffles! I also like to felt old sweaters and use the sleeves to make wrist warmers with a little knitted band or ruffle and a bit of embellisment. These are an important part of a good winter wardrobe and I always use them under coat sleeves for extra warmth. On chilly spring days I choose wristlets instead of a coat since they are so easy to pop on and off. Besides, I'm done with coats until next November! Give me wrist warmers any day!

'Blue Belle' mad hatter ~ hand knit, felted & embroidered

'Desert Flower' pill box ~ hand knit, felted
& embellished with mink

'Henry Tudor' beret ~ hand knit & felted

Single wrist cuffs ~ hand knit Noro merino and silk

Wristlets ~ hand knit merino and silk

Wristlets with thumb hole ~ hand knit merino and mohair

Wristlets ~ repurposed felted sweater cuffs
with vintage buttons

Wristlets ~ repurposed felted sweater cuffs
with hand knit mohair ruffles

Wristlets ~ repurposed felted sweater cuffs with
 needle felted embellishment

Wristlets ~ repurposed felted sweater cuffs with embroidery
(embroidery inspired by Mags Kandis)

Wristlets ~ hand knit merino with vintage buttons

Delicate wrist cuffs ~ hand knit
merino with mohair lace ruffles

Wristlets ~ hand knit merino with vintage buttons

Wristlets ~ hand knit merino with mohair ruffles

Arm Warmers ~ repurposed felted sweater sleeves with
needle felted embellishment 

'Viola's Elegant' wrist warmers ~ hand knit
merino and silkwith mohair ruffle

'Icelandic' wrist warmers ~ repurposed sweater cuffs with
needle felted embellishment
(Lace up ribbon inspired by Harpa Jonsdottir)

Lynn's 'Noro' wristlets with thumb hole ~ hand knit

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  1. Hey Chris, if I had known how talented you were, I would have been too intimidated to have you sit with us at the "naughty table" on Wednesday, Your work is really amazing. Well done! I look forward to seeing your next project. Jackie (from Kitchener)