May 20, 2012


'Pink Me Up' cloche ~ hand knit & felted

Embellishing knitted or felted hats is what adds those little extra finishing touches to a completed project. I'm big on bows because ribbon is such an absolutely, lovely, "Miss Bennett" - ish,  sort of thing. (I do appreciate that everyone does not feel the same way about ribbon as I do.) I just find it so very pretty. Organdy, silk, satin and velvet ribbons in a myriad of beautiful shades add sheen, texture and a splash of colour which can blend or contrast with the soft matte finish of the wool. 

Vintage buttons and feathers, a little bit of vintage fur, a bejewelled brooch or even a felted wool and silk rat tail always add something unique and special to any hat. Flowers, whether made from silk or felted wool just look so pretty set at one side or right in the centre, especially when tied with ribbon or a bow. These beautiful, frilly, girlie things all tie in so well with my love of pinks, purples, reds, oranges, greens and yellows. Very feminine!

I am especially lucky to have so many beautiful models to show off my hats including my nieces. sister-in-law, friends and friend's daughters.

'Flower' beanie ~ hand knit

'Snow White' mad hatter ~ hand knit & felted 

'Balloon Beret' with rat tail ~ wet felted

'Balloon Beret' ~ top

'Balloon Beret' ~ with a pretty surprise inside

Rat tail inspired by Miss Peaches ~ who never shows hers
because she knows people prefer them felted!

'Belle Cloche'  ~ wet felted
(Hat design and flowers inspired by Jannio ~ France)

'Belle Cloche' ~ top

My tendency to work in bright colours and to add embellishment to the hats I make is why I don't often make hats for men. What's the point really...if I can't add a bow...or at least a very pretty button? That being said, I have been able to put aside the ribbon and buttons occasionally to make hats for my husband, sons, brother, nephews, cousin and sons of friends, but only because they are all so nice. For them I make an exception. No strings (ribbons or bows) attached!

Vintage WW II pattern

Sailor's watch cap

Military watch cap

Tweed beanie

Katmandu rolled brim beanie

Rolled brim beanie with tassel

My cousin's birthday beanie complete with 
detachable (knitted) candle!

A very good sport helping me out by trying a theatrical
one on for size...despite his better judgment!

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