December 2, 2012


'Gray Owl' ~ wet felted

'Gray Owl' ~ top

This beautiful Barred Owl appeared in my backyard
 and was the inspiration for 'Gray Owl' above

Just now I am madly getting ready for 'Busy Hands' which takes place next weekend  on December 8th and 9th, in Picton.  This is where I sell all things Cake~Tin.  This means a last minute flurry of finishing, tagging and cataloguing all items along with packing up display items...and remembering not to forget anything!  I really look forward to this Christmas Gift and Craft sale every December. 

'Busy Hands', presented by Vicki's Veggies and Honey Pie Hives and Herbals at our local Books & Co. store, is a riot of colour and joyful people featuring 50 local artisans all making a fabulous variety of hand made things. As Vicki says...having so many  people all living and creating together in Prince Edward Couny doesn't happen on such a local scale in very many places. It's like a giant party where everything is for sale! 

I think this is because there is such an appreciation in our community for fair trade, hand made goods which is a reflection of the changing nature of production and consumption.  I see this as part of the emerging 'slow' culture movement that began with food and has extended itself to the art of making things. Many of the sellers at 'Busy Hands' are people who make their living with their craft and it's very evident that they love what they do.  Here you can buy someone special a meaningful, hand crafted gift that will last and be remembered instead of twelve cheap, mass produced items from Walmart that will soon be forgotten. 

See you at 'Busy Hands'!

'Dr. Suess' ~ kid size hand knit

Single colourful wrist cuffs ~ hand knit merino & silk

Accordion' wristlets ~ hand knit and edged
with sari silk ribbon

Blue pairs of ruffled wristlets ~ hand knit merino & silk

Ruffled wristlets ~ hand knit

'Fair Isle & Feathers' ~ kid size hand knit

Patch work scarf ~ made from up-cycled,
felted sweaters

Patch work scarf ~ made from up-cycled,
felted cashmere sweaters

Sheila's wristlets ~ hand knit alpaca and wool

Wrist cuff

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