January 26, 2014


Mags looking beautiful ~ in 'Silver Star'...at the
 Bean Counter cafe in Picton

Thinking spring and felting flowers

Maybe if I make enough felted roses...spring will appear!

This is the first year in a long time that I feel like I really can't wait for spring Instead of felting my days have been filled with a great deal of snow blowing.  Just keeping our long and winding lane way clear this month has become a dreaded full time job.  On top of that it is colder than I ever remember.  The chill goes right to the bone.  There is no sun, only dull gray and the snow is swirling and blowing as I look out the window and shiver.  Sitting here at my desk I'm all bundled up in a big warm sweater and a pair of woolly leg warmers that I just finished knitting...out of pure necessity!  At this point I am hoping the firewood holds out until March.  Looking at these photos I am amazed at the extremes of the climate we live in here in Ontario.  It's not that I don't like winter...really, but enough is enough.  I'm desperately seeking spring. 

I want this...but instead...

 have this...

Isn't it incredible.. that this...

Turns into this

Since I have no felting projects to show this month I am posting some lovely pictures of the inside of Rosehaven Yarn Shop in Picton...as promised.  Rosehaven, where I work part time, is a treasure trove of beautiful things including the most gorgeous yarns and fibres.  It's easy to forget about winter just walking through the door.  As you leave that final blast of cold air behind, you step into a warm, cozy and inviting place.  You will likely meet Lesley Snyder, the shop's new owner.  There is a circle of comfortable chairs that beckon you to sit and knit or scan through patterns books and magazines.  It's hard to take your eyes off the rows of shelves filled to the brim with unique and interesting yarns.  At Tuesday's Knit and Natter Night (from 5 until 7 pm) those chairs are filled with avid knitters (from beginner to expert).  Stories, ideas, projects, help and experience are all shared along with many cups of tea.  

Shop owner and ray of sunshine...Lesley

Lesley carries many locally made works of art in the shop.  If you are in the area drop into the shop next time you are in Picton.  If you are far away you can shop on line at www.rosehavenyarn.com .  Enjoy the tour below.

Yarns, buttons, shawl pins, knitting notions

Comfy chairs and shelves packed full of yarn

Rug hooked tea cozies, paintings by Brandy Gale and more gorgeous yarns

Habu yarns and good philosophy ~ The sign says 'Keep calm and drink wine'!

An inviting place to sit and knit

Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing in all sizes

CakeTin Hats are at Rosehaven ~ nuno scarf by Lesley

CakeTin Hats in the window ~ Pearls bag by Cheryl Toy

The needle room and change room

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