June 23, 2020


I have been feeling a little neglectful about not posting here on my blog for such a long time.
Instagram is so... well... instant that it’s easy to just go there to @felthandmade and post updated photos of my latest felt makings.  Since I take all my photos with my phone I like to keep things simple and post directly from my phone. Today I discovered that improvements with Blogger might
finally allow me to do that.

Over the past year and a half I have been happily felting various items and taking part in, as well as teaching workshops. I continue to hand felt CakeTin Hats but my focus over this past two years has been nuno felted clothing. It requires a large space and a huge time commitment but the results are pretty thrilling.

I have been selling my work at the local Farmers Market in the spring/summer/fall and at Busy Hands in December.  This year I will not be at the market due to Covid 19 which is a sad but necessary step to help flatten the curve of the virus. Despite all this time at home and in my studio I have not been as productive as I probably could have been. All this tragic world upheaval seems to play havoc with
one’s emotions and creative energies.

I recently managed to get a pattern drafted and a layout started for the next felted dress which is ready and waiting on the felting table. I will get to it soon as I am anxious to see how the botanical prints on the silk I’m using will look after the felting is done.

In April I made the pink tunic at the top of the post.with a few details posted below. It is nuno felted silk on wool and the spiral details were made using thin pencil rovings on the fine silk fabric as shown in the photo of the initial layout below. I love it dressed up with the tulle skirt but this style works just as nicely when worn casually with a pair of rolled up skinny leg jeans. It can remain sleeveless but also works really well with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath.

In February I made a blue and white tunic which is modeled here by one of my lovely felting companions Carole. It is made with merino wool and several layers of pongee and margilan silk which gives the bottom a lovely swing when in motion. I really love tunics as they are so versatile and can be worn year round with everything from tulle skirts to black leggings to blue jeans.

    My white tunic modeled here by my lovely friend Leslie illustrates the extreme versatility of felt wear. On Leslie it looks elegant but relaxed and confortable over her leggings and t-shirt. Below it is dressed up formally with a tulle skirt and at the bottom it has a dressy casual look when paired with a linen skirt and a felted wool and chiffon scarf. Three amazing looks with one garment that hand washes beautifully and easily and will last a lifetime with loving care. Each tunic is lovingly hand felted and hand rolled and made seamlessly in one piece from all natural fibres. The extra fine wool fibres are breathable, sustainable and so very soft against the skin. These are only some of the reasons that I am in love with felting and felted clothing. Stay tuned for the next catch up post where I will feature hats, scarves, bags and other felted goods that I have been making over the last year. Until then, thanks for checking in and having a look!

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