January 17, 2016


           Floral Head Wreath on Gabby ~ The loveliest of all the Fairies!

If you had told me just over a year ago that today CakeTin Hats and I would be on FaceBook AND have an Etsy shop I would have wondered how all that could have happened (after I stopped laughing!).  I guess miracles never cease!  Just by taking one step at a time things have fallen into place and I am excited to say that I have just launched my Etsy Shop!!!  Finally, getting high speed internet in our rural neck of the woods has been a major step towards helping that happen.  I hope you will have a look: https://etsy.com/ca/shop/caketinhats and if you like it that you will favorite the shop or heart items (still figuring out how all that works) which will give the shop more exposure to lots of Etsy shoppers. Thank you in advance if you do!

My CakeTin Hats FaceBook page is here: www.facebook.com/caketinhats and although it's about a year old I plan to be working more efficiently now to keep it up to date with new creations. 

Having a lovely face looking out from underneath my hats really makes them come alive and I am happy to re-post new photos of hats which have already appeared on the Blog (but not on a real head) being modelled by beautiful (inside and out) Gabby!  Finding a lovely model and the perfect location to take pictures has made my foray into Etsy a labour of love. Combined with the joy I have from felting hats it equals the perfect endeavour for me. Thank you to Viola Jull and her FABulous shop French Country on Main Street in Picton for letting me use a lovely little corner of her shop for photos and to my friend Carol for helping out.  If you haven't experienced a visit to French Country ... then go ... a treat awaits you!

     'Cowhide Wedge'





     'Frosted Grape'

     'Clare de Lune'

    'Plum Pudding'

     'Blue Moon'



 'Water Colour Paint Box'


    'Lettuce Felt'

    'Left Bank'  ~ Beautiful blue scarf from French Country in Picton


    'Tangerine Skies'

    'Butter Rose'


    Beautiful scarf available at French Country in Picton

    'Grape Crush'