February 23, 2015


'Pink Peacock' ~ merino wool and Silk

We seem to be in a winter deep freeze this month which has prevented me from wanting to rush outside!  I have spent some of that time felting up a new batch of hats and flowers.  I also looked at a few of my past hats with new eyes and did a couple of re-makes.  This involved the simple addition of a new embellishment (usually a felted flower) but in a few cases I decided to completely re-style by immersing the hat in warm water and re-shaping it.  That almost felt as good as making a new hat!  I will start with the new hats and flowers...

Free Form Flower

'Blaqua' ~ merino wool and silk

'Blaqua' ~ side view

'Blaqua' ~ inside

'Cardinal' ~ merino and silk

'Cardinal' ~ brim

'Cardinal' ~ inside

'Cardinal' ~ side view

Flower pin / clip

And here are a couple of re-makes.  The worst thing about this freezing, gray weather is not being able to take photos outside in the beautiful light and natural surroundings.  My fingers end up numb and the camera refuses to cooperate!  In door lighting seems to elude me and no matter how I rig things up there are always shadows lurking in the background and the colours are never spot on.


Bag re-make with rose and new fastener


Bag re-make flip side

'Airee Fairee' ~ with a new shape!

'Airee Fairee' ~ re-designed side view

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