March 8, 2015


'Water Colour Paint Box' ~ merino & silk with added flower  

Today, after two very long months, the temperature finally climbed to above zero degrees!!  It was actually + 1 and the sun poked out from behind the winter clouds.  I grabbed a stack new of hats waiting to be photographed and dashed outside to try and find some good light. This time of year the sun is still low in the sky and shadows are lurking everywhere but, nevertheless, I prefer the effect of outdoor photographs to that of pictures taken inside.  The snow is still plentiful and it will be a while longer before it all melts away.  I think it made a nice backdrop for the colours of the hats.  I'm posting the pictures first but to see information on the new 2015 wet felting workshops please scroll down.

'Frosted Grape' ~ Merino wool & silk

'Frosted Grape' ~ different light

'Cloud' ~ merino & silk


'Cloud' ~ inside

'Cloud' ~ making the snow look blue!

'Night Flower' ~ merino wool & silk

'Magnolia' ~ merino wool blended with silk

'Magnolia' ~ pink inside

'Olivea' ~ looking better with added flowers

'Pretty Pixie' ~ re-shaped

Just wanted to let you know about the NEW 2015 spring and summer one day felting workshops that I will be teaching at Rosehaven Yarn Shop in Picton (Ontario, Canada). I am offering three hat felting workshops and three flower felting workshops between April 18th and September 19th.  If you have already put your name down as interested or are thinking about signing up please see dates and details below. To sign up and reserve your spot please call the shop at 613-476-9092 or email Lesley at


One day flower making workshops:
Saturday May 2nd, 9am to 4pm
Saturday July 11th, 9am to 4pm
Saturday Sept.19th, 9am to 4pm

The cost of the flower workshop is $120.  You will complete two or three beautiful and varied flowers using different techniques, different styles and colours.  

Flowers can be free standing or you may want to make an embellishment for a hat or a sweater clasp or broach.  When I am lucky enough to find some great vintage wool berets at the thrift shop I make large, colourful flowers which I sew on to spice them up and give then new life. 


One day hat making workshops:
Saturday April 18th, 9am to 5pm
Saturday June 20th, 9am to 5 pm
Saturday August 8th, 9 am to 5pm

The cost of the hat workshop including materials is $135.  Using a resist technique with seamless construction you will complete a beautiful wet felted hat which you will shape using one of my wooden hat blocks, then style, finish and take home to dry.  

Bring your own ideas about style, colour and embellishment for your hat.  I have various hats in my studio for you to try on to get an idea of what you might like best.  For further inspiration all you have to do is Google wet felted hats! You will be inspired!

For all workshops:
Rosehaven will supply the following:

Up to 100 grams of 22 micron fine merino wool fibre in the colours of your choice, silk fibres for design and embellishment and a class handout with typed step by step instructions for the felting process
along with the use of:
bubble wrap, olive oil soap slurry, polystyrene template material for resist pattern, pool noodle for rolling felt, nylon stockings for tying and scale for weighing fibre.

What you need to bring:

1.  squeezable plastic drink bottle with pull out nozzle OR ... a bonsai plant water ball (available for sale at Rosehaven) see photo below
2.  a bucket (large plastic pail with handle)

3.  two large old bath towels (these can be found in thrift shops)
4.  two old hand towels
5.  one large plastic container (yogurt or ice cream or tupperware container)
6.  sharp fabric scissors and a needle and thread
7.  green garbage bag to carry all the wet stuff home
8.  note book, pen and camera if you would like to capture the steps of the felting process
9.  comfortable shoes
10. apron or change of clothes 
11. if you can find one at a thrift shop...a plastic zig-zag tupperware  juice container lid with ridges (which happens to be the best felting tool ever!) see photo below. I have a couple for use as well.
12.  AND...your lunch... OR there are a couple of fantastic cafes to buy lunch about one minute from the shop. If you bring your lunch there is a really nice spot at the shop to sit and enjoy.  You are welcome to make tea or coffee in the studio as well.  

If you are an experienced felter please bring your favorite implements for felting.  If you are a new felter just come, experience, experiment, learn and enjoy.  You will also need to rest up!  Felting is physical and requires some stamina.  

Excellent Felting Tools!

 honour of International Women's Day... my friend Estelle sent me this fantastic article
'Feminism and the Art of "Craftivism": Knitting for Social Change under the Principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement  It is long but a really interesting read.  You might want to make a nice cup of tea and enjoy!

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