June 9, 2015


'Forest Nymph' ~ merino wool & silk

It has been a busy spring with exciting travels, re-organizing my felting studio (once again), scouring antique markets for wooden hat blocks and making felted things in between.  It seems life is always changing and this past year I have needed to spend more time around home.... so.... I moved my felting studio back home in April and did some serious re-organizing in May.  After a shopping trip to Ikea I now have everything I need on a wall of glorious shelves and with in easy reach.  No more rummaging around in bins for fibre or patterns or felting tools or soap!  This makes me very happy!

I am still teaching felting workshops at Rosehaven Yarn Shop in Picton this summer and fall.  Upcoming dates are June 20th, July 11th, August 8th and September 19th.  For details please check my March 8th Blog post called Felting Workshops 2015 or check Rosehaven's website (above).  

Here are my most recent spring makings with more to come soon.  Thanks to Mags who is a most willing and beautiful model. 

'Grayce' ~ merino wool & silk with cross grain ribbon band

'Red Head' ~ merino wool & silk

'Stove Pipe' ~ merino wool & silk

'Atlantic Rising' ~ merino wool & silk

This photo taken in Barbados was the colour inspiration for 'Atlantic Rising'

Goldie and me (right) at St. Nicholas Abbey Barbados

My husband Steve and I visited friends in Barbados in early April and it was just the tonic we needed after such a long, cold, snowy winter.  What a beautiful island it is.  The colours of the Atlantic ocean  and the endless sky are a most beautiful sight. 

'Forest Nymph'


'Red Head'

'Stove Pipe'

'Atlantic Rising'


Noro wrist warmers ~ silk garden

My new Ikea shelves!


  1. Good morning Chris,
    Absolutely breath taking work and your studio is fabulous. Too view all the prettiness in one spot is great!
    Again wonderful work!

  2. Hi Deb, Thanks for this nice comment. I replied earlier but since you never know what's going to happen with good old Blogger sometimes it seems to have disappeared! I can't wait to felt with you in a weeks time!!