March 28, 2015


'Wood Nymph' ~ merino wool, bison & silk fibres

'Petal' ~ merino wool & silk

'Lichen' ~ merino wool & silk

'Fawn' ~ merino wool & silk

The photo below (of my lovely and talented friend Mags) was the inspiration for my most recent series of felted hats above (modeled by my dear friend Krystyna's two beautiful daughters).  Mags and I were shopping for spring things, found these sweet flower wreaths and on a whim she stuck one on her head.  I snapped the picture... which upon closer inspection revealed a perfect woodland nymph!  It was a theme and colour inspiration all in one.  The next day I made 'Fawn' which is here looking adorable on Caitlin.  These are the first four in a series of woodland nymph themed hats I am now planning to make. 

Mags ~ Inspiration for my Woodland Nymph series of hats

If I am ever presented with the opportunity to have someone model my hats I usually take full advantage of my good luck.  In this case I was so very lucky to have Lauren, Caitlin and their Mum Krys visit me in Picton and happily try on hats while I took photos.  And since a visit to Picton is never complete without stopping at City Revival, our local vintage and up cycled clothing store we spent some quality shopping time there!  While we were there Alisha at City Revival tried on a few hats for me as well.  Thank you so much to all of these beautiful women.  You bring my hats to life!

'Frosted Grape' ~ merino wool & silk

Alisha at City Reveival

Lauren, Caitlin & Krys at the Regent Cafe

Alisha in 'Pink Peacock'

'Blaqua' ~ merino wool carded with tussah silk

'Cloud' ~ merino wool & silk

Caitlin in 'Lichen'

Krys in 'Water Colour Paint Box'

Lauren in 'Pink Peacock'

Lauren in 'Night Flower'

Caitlin in 'Petal'

Krys in 'Pink Peacock'

Lauren in 'Wood Nymph"

Heather's wrist warmers

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