March 18, 2012


'Greenie' Beanie ~ hand knit (Photo by Showna)

Choosing colour and colour combinations is the best part of beginning a new hat project. If something doesn't jump out at me when I go through my stash of gorgeous yarns I usually look outside for colour inspiration. Nature always puts colours together in spring and summer that look spectacular in the garden. Then fall introduces a whole other range of colour possibilities. Even winter with it's monochromatic palette provides inspiration for something different and more subdued.

'Snow Buds' mad hatter ~ hand knit, felted & embroidered

Today is beautiful outside and what scant snow we had this winter has melted away in the warm and long awaited sunshine. Vibrant purple crocuses are poking out through drab ground cover and the grass and mosses are greening up. This promise of spring sends me back to my stash and a frenzy of colour in anticipation of the tulips, daffodils, lilacs, iris, peonies, poppies and lilies yet to come.

'Icelandic Flowers' gnomie ~hand knit, felted & embroidered
(Hat pattern design by Harpa Jonsdottir
with my embroidery design)

'Baby Icelandic Flowers' beanie
~ hand knit & felted

Last years pale purple iris were the perfect inspiration for a flower pot style fringed beret combined with a lovely Irish green hue. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!  Other orchid and parchment coloured iris inspired a classic beret below.

'Irish Iris' flower pot beret ~ hand knit & felted

'Tambourine' beret ~ hand knit & felted

A nest with a clutch of robin's eggs was the inspiration for this pleated cloche in an irresistible robin's egg blue with a touch of orchid pink.

'Robin's Egg' pleated cloche ~ hand knit & felted

Robin's eggs (Photo by Karen Lammes)

'Robin's Egg' ~ top view

'Plum Bun' pleated cloche ~ hand knit & felted

'Plum Bun' ~ top view

'Fickle Fingers' flower pot beret ~ hand knit & felted

'Icelandic Feathers' gnomie ~ hand knit, felted & embroidered
(Hat design inspired by Harpa Jonsdottir)

Vintage Black & Blue beret ~ felt with hand knit band

Vintage Pink beret ~ felt with hand knit band

Vintage Red' beret ~ felt with hand knit band

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